Passion – It’s What Drives Your Success

Passion – It’s What Drives Your Success

Passion – It’s What Drives Your Success

Ever catch yourself day dreaming about what your next Blog post or the latest CSS / Design concept you just came up with? Find yourself late at work, plastered to your chair, eyes glaring at the monitor because you are excited about the project you just started? Always having the feeling that there is just not enough time in a day to learn everything you want to learn? Some may call this a sick obsession, but I call this passion.

Now I have not been in the industry for too long, three years strong, two years professionally. From the day I graduated to this very moment, I believe the reason why I picked-up my skills and knowledge at the rate that I did was purely driven by passion.

I was never a “Computer Guy” at my high school, nor was I an artist with any sense of aesthetics. I stumbled across my degree (BS in Computer Information System) by pure accident, and not knowing what to do with my career, I somehow fell in love and made my way into web design. If it wasn’t for passion, I probably wouldn’t be doing much good right now.

Finding Passion

Being on a team of designers and developers over the past two years has made me realize three main things:

  • There are two kinds of peopleThere are those who truly love what they do and their career, and those who just want to get it done and call it a day. This is where the road divides with your success in your career.
  • Work ethics is everythingIf you have been on a team, whether its sports, school activity, work, etc. you will always have the hard-working and the lazy. Having great work ethics sometimes means more to an employer than the skills you may have. Think about it from the Project Manager’s point of view: who would you like to have on the team? Who would you get rid of? Creating the best team possible is what drives most companies to their success, and it’s passion that leads you to have good work ethics without even trying.
  • Love what you do. Inspire those around you.Ever been with someone that always has a negative attitude? Affects your attitude right? On the other hand, being around a team or individual who is just as passionate as you are actually boosts your productivity and also inspires everyone around you. If your team is not as enthusiastic as you are, it’s up to you to inspire your team members and bring the team up to its full potential. In the big picture, your success depends on the team’s success.


If you ever find yourself not happy with what you’re doing, always start from the core of your soul. What drove you to being a designer? It may well be that it is your environment that is not best suited for you or the type of industry that you are in. I have seen a lot of people get in the comfort zone at their companies and lose the drive that they once had. Allow your passion to lead your success, it will be much more satisfying and enjoyable. I guarantee it.

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